With COVID-19, inventory changes daily. Manufacturers & distributors are working as fast as they can to restock their shelves. Send me a message and I'll see who has what. Remember, you have to act fast. So if I find something and you wait, it may not be available when you finally decide to "pull the trigger."

Brands I Sell

These are only a FEW of the manufacturers I have access to. With 5 distributors, I have access to anything you can think of. Plus, I have access to optics, knives, clothing, etc...

Providing Firearms
to a Select Few


** Now in Angleton, a suburb south of Houston **

Since 2017, Saint Firearms, a Veteran owned and operated company, has been providing firearms, ammunition, accessories, and clothing to law enforcement officers, active military, and honorably discharged Veterans. What started out as a hobby has become my passion and I'm delighted to share it with a select few.

If you are one of the above listed persons and have a need, just send me an email (TheSaint@SaintFirearms.com) describing what you are trying to find. I'll do everything I can, using one of my 5 distributors, to get you the best price around. No, I do not have an online store as this hobby was not created for the general public. If your department needs many firearms, I can make that happen, too. I've help many departments up in North Texas save money. If I cannot get you the best price, I'll let you know who can. For the record, I do not do this for money, I do this to make sure certain individuals have access to quality items at or near cost so that they can continue to defend our communities and our country.


Also, if you or a loved one need some extra training, I am also a Texas License To Carry (LTC) instructor, as well as an NRA Instructor teaching basic handgun use and safety. Let my former tactical police experience and military training help make you safer and more proficient.

Finally, I am also a licensed attorney and can help you set up a NFA/Class 3 Gun Trust.


Many blessings! -Vic Rivera

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Hours for Transfers

Mon - Fri: 5:30 pm - 8 pm
Sat: 9 am - 4 pm
Sun: Closed



Angleton, Texas 77515

(940) 242-1842

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