New Gun Laws Every 2 Years

Did you know that our laws in Texas, which includes our gun laws, change every 2 years? In September of every odd year, our legislators crank out a new set of laws and the same was true in September 2019. Although over 100 gun bills were introduced, most of which were anti-gun related bills, only 10 bills became law, and, thank God, all were pro-gun. Here is the layman’s rundown of those 10 new laws:

1. Defense of Mistake: if you walk into a business and miss the 30.06 or 30.07 signs, you will not be prosecuted if you immediately leave upon being asked to leave. (Caveat: missing a posted sign at a church is still a Class A misdemeanor. Also, this does not mean you cannot be prosecuted, it just means you now have a defense.)

2. Speaking of churches, ‘churches, synagogues, or other places of worship” has been removed from the prohibited locations list.

3. Apartment complexes and rental properties can no longer limit the rights of their tenants, or their guests, by inserting anti-gun regulations in lease agreements. (Caveat: this does not prevent a person or company from creating a policy where disclosure is required and rejection of an application is immediate for either refusing to disclose or you disclose and they want to prevent firearms on/in their property.)

4. Along the same lines, Property Owner Associations, also known as HOAs, cannot have anti-gun restrictions in their documents.

5. School districts can no longer prevent teachers and employees from legally keeping a firearm in their vehicle in the parking lot. (This has always been the law, but now the State has solidified this fact.)

6. State of Emergency Clause: most people can now conceal carry during the process of evacuating from or returning to an area declared as a State of Emergency by the Governor. (Caveat: does not mean stay in the area and conceal carry. The defense to conceal carry without a license is your exit or return. Also, does not apply to everyone. Felons, individuals charged with or convicted of family violence, or other restricted individuals do NOT get a free pass.)

7. Wrongful Exclusion repaired: some LTC owners were being excluded from various city, county, and state agencies improperly. No more! Premise notices must come down.

8. Foster parents now have the right to possess and store lawfully permitted firearms in the foster home. (Caveat: some restrictions apply.)

9. Preemption Laws solidified: towns, cities, and counties CANNOT make any laws, regulations, or ordinances that restricts the lawful possession, transporting, or storing a firearm. (San Antonio was the # 1culprit.)

10. Businesses cannot be sued because they chose not to restrict firearms.

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