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Sheepdog LTC

A division of Saint Firearms

Texas License to Carry (LTC) Class

Formerly Concealed Handgun License (CHL)

Sheepdog LTC, a division of Saint Firearms, is proud to offer Texas LTC classes. If you have ever desired to carry a firearm concealed, or even open carry, then this is the class you need to take. Below you will find all the steps you need to complete the process. However, before we move forward, here are some basic things you need to know:

Purpose: This class provides the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) required classroom training and firearm qualification students need in order to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) permit.

Class ObjectiveTo train and qualify a student for the purpose of submitting an application to the Texas Handgun Licensing Program.  Upon completion, students will have the following materials required to submit their application:

  • Instructor certification for completed classroom curriculum; and

  • Instructor certification for completed handgun qualification test.

Instructor: Victor Rivera is a certified DPS LTC instructor in the State of Texas and has many years of experience training others in proper firearm safety and use.  Vic is an NRA Instructor, as well as being an NRA Recruiter. In the past, Vic had the privilege of being a tactical police officer for the City of Ft. Worth and has served in the U.S. Army. The LTC curriculum is professionally developed and uses multiple training techniques in order to help students learn the material and retain the content. In addition to teaching LTC classes, Vic also provides basic firearm safety courses and private instruction.

Class Prerequisite: Basic proficiency with a handgun. Please understand that an LTC class is not intended to train students how to shoot a firearm.  The qualification portion of the course is required by the State of Texas in order to demonstrate your ability to safely and properly handle and shoot a handgun. If you have never fired a handgun before, you may want to consider attending my basic firearm safety course and/or private instruction. Of course, when you qualify, I will be there to assist you, but firing a handgun before qualification is highly recommended.

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Step 1: Are you eligible? Click here to see what the requirements are per the Texas Government Code. The most important one is that you must be 21 years of age. Felons need not apply.

Step 2: Register for my class. My calendar is located here: Event Calendar. Max of 12 students per class.

*** No paperwork is needed for the class. You can complete the DPS application and fingerprints after the class.

COST: The fee for the class is $100, which includes both the classroom instruction and range qualifications. It also includes the cost of using the gun range (the range charges a per student fee which I cover).


Payment can be made in cash, by check, or using Venmo. The $100 fee includes a cash discount. You can also pay by credit card but a 3% fee applies.

Note: This class fee does not pay for the DPS licensing fee. Our class fee is different from the fee DPS charges.

The classroom fee covers the instructor's time, the classroom space, coffee, the range fee, and other supplies.

*** If you have completed the classroom portion online and only need to qualify on the range, my fee for that is $40. You will appear at the gun range referenced below at 2 p.m. and make sure to bring your LTC-101 form.

Step 3: Apply for an LTC through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website here.

DPS will charge a fee to get your actual license. The normal fee is $40, but there are various discounts. In fact, some people can get their license free, such as active duty military and active law enforcement.


Step 4Schedule your fingerprints by clicking here. The service code should be: 119Q91.

The cost is $10 which is paid directly to IdentoGo®.

Step 5GATHER the necessary documents to submit to the Texas DPS via their website.


Once you have successfully completed the classroom portion AND passed the shooting proficiency exam, you will receive a certificate of completion from me known as the LTC-100. You will need this form to send to DPS.

*** If you took the classroom portion online, you will be provided an LTC-101 form which you will need me to sign after you qualify on the range.


Foreign Born - If you were born outside of the United States or one of the U.S. Territories, you will need to send DPS a copy of one of the following:

* U.S. Passport;

* Certificate of Naturalization; or

* Certificate of Birth Abroad.

Active Duty Military, Active Reserve, or in the National Guard - Submit a copy of one of the following:

* Current LES;

* Current Active Duty Orders;

* Current Enlistment Contract; or

* Letter from your Company Commander indicating your current post.

Veteran - Submit a copy of your DD-214. It must be the Member 4 long form, unedited and not redacted.

Law Enforcement - Active and retired members of the law enforcement community (i.e., judges, prosecutors, peace officers, jailers) should refer to the Texas DPS information found here.

Not a Texas Resident - Submit a color copy of your driver's license or identification, front and back.

Step 6: SUBMIT the gathered documents to DPS here.

Step 7: Be patient. It can take 6 - 8 weeks before the actual license arrives in the mail. If you get it faster, then you are lucky and COVID skipped you. Remember, you cannot conceal carry until the license arrives.



1.  The classroom portion will be held at the Lantana Community Church, located at 2200 E. Jeter Rd., Bartonville, TX 76226, directly behind the Kroger on FM-407.

2.  The classroom portion starts promptly at 8:30 a.m. and will end at 1:00 p.m. This time includes breaks.

3.  You will have an hour to get lunch and arrive at the gun range.

4.  The gun range we will be using is the 407 Gun Club, located at 831 W. FM 407, Argyle, TX 76226. It is only 5 miles from the church and located directly behind 407 BBQ.

5.  The handgun qualifications will begin promptly at 2 p.m. I will provide you with the required target.


1.  You need to bring either a semi-automatic handgun or revolver that is at least .22 LR caliber or larger.


*** Optical enhancers such as lasers, red dot sites, or scopes are not permitted by when qualifying.


If you do not own a firearm, you can rent a 9mm from me for $45, which will cover the gun and the ammunition. 

Thanks to COVID-19, ammo has gotten really expensive! A box of (50) 9mm rounds is now $41 after shipping and tax.

2.  If you bring your own firearm, make sure to bring (50) commercially produced bullets (target rounds) which matches your actual firearm. Do not bring +P ammunition unless your firearm calls for it. The range may have some rounds for sale, but I cannot guarantee that. One of the best places to find some is Academy Sports.


*** If you plan on qualifying with a .357 handgun or revolver, in addition to .357 ammo, you can also use .38 special.

*** No hollow point, reloaded or frangible bullets, and definitely NO steel case ammo. Steel case ammo jams!

3.  Bring a hat, like a baseball cap, to help prevent rounds from getting behind your safety glasses.

4.  Bring safety glasses. If you do not have any, you can buy one from me for $3. You get to keep them.

5.  Bring hearing protection, preferably over-the-ear shooting muffs. If you do not have any hearing protection, I can provide in-the-ear foam hearing protection at no cost.

6.  You need to wear shoes that actually cover your feet. In other words, no flip flops.

7.  Also, although not required, you may want to consider wearing pants or jeans instead of shorts. 

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Qualifying on the Range

We will be qualifying at the 407 Gun Club which is an indoor gun range. I will qualify 2 people at a time for safety reasons.

In order to qualify, you will shoot a series of bullets at varying distances in a certain time frame. You will fire 50 total rounds.

The maximum points you can achieve is 250 points. Unlike an instructor, you only have to score 175 points (70%) and the targets do not turn, they are stationary.

Range Qualification Test Requirements (as mandated by the Texas DPS):

  • Total of 50 rounds fired at a B-27 target (45" high x 24" wide); and

  • Achieve a score of 175 out of 250 possible points (70%) in order to pass.

Scoring is as follows:

20 rounds at the 3-yard line in the following sequence:

  • 1 round in 2 seconds - this is done 5 times (5 rounds total);

  • 2 rounds in 3 seconds - this is done 5 times (10 rounds total); and

  • 5 rounds in 10 seconds - this is done 1 time (5 rounds total).

Total possible points = 100.

20 rounds at the 7-yard line in the following sequence:

  • 5 rounds in 10 seconds - this is done 1 time (5 rounds total);

  • 2 rounds in 4 seconds - this is done 1 time (2 rounds total);

  • 3 rounds in 6 seconds - this is done 1 time (3 rounds total);

  • 1 round in 3 seconds - this is done 5 times (5 rounds total); and

  • 5 rounds in 15 seconds - this is done 1 time (5 rounds total).

Total possible points = 100.

10 rounds at the 15-yard line in the following sequence:

  • 2 rounds in 6 seconds - this is done 1 time (2 rounds total);

  • 3 rounds in 9 seconds - this is done 1 time (3 rounds total); and

  • 5 rounds in 15 seconds - this is done 1 time (5 rounds total).

Total possible points = 50.

We will discuss the target you will be shooting at and how the target is scored prior to qualifications so do NOT panic.

You can qualify without ever reaching the 15-yard line.


I am truly honored to teach you and I am so glad that you are considering me for all your training needs. See you in class.

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